Security Software Logger and Browser

Protect your application critical and sensitive audit/log information from malicious attackers unauthorized access and loss of data during software development and runtime deployment.

While some products focus on protecting audit/log messages collected and stored on disk/databases, the Security Software Logger/Browser protects audit/log information included in source code during the software development stage, embedded in software libraries during build and integration stages, and compiled in executables during the deployed runtime stage.

The Security Software Logger/Browser product secures and limits access to your critical and sensitive audit/log information in cloud-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT) lightweight systems, and mobile distributed apps.

The Security Software Logger/Browser prevents unauthorized exposure and loss of critical and sensitive audit/log information throughout the software development lifecycle. This increases the cybersecurity protection of software audit/log information and makes it harder for insider and external threat actors to compromise audit/log information, and for malicious users and malware attacks to collect critical and sensitive system information.