Secure Logger and Browser (SLaB)

Protect your software program audit/log messages during code development through runtime deployment.


  • Protect software program audit/log messages during source code development.
  • Protect audit/log messages at runtime during deployment.
  • Protect audit/log messages while stored in memory and on disk.
  • Encode audit/log messages for efficient memory/disk storage.
  • Lightweight runtime execution for improved performance.

Easy to use

  • Simple application programming interface functions. No header files needed in software program.
  • Automatically encode and securely protect audit/log messages during development, and while stored in volatile/non-volatile memory during runtime.
  • Allow only authorized users to view audit/log messages.


  • Provides design diagram and descriptions for the Secure Logger and Browser components.
  • Provides a sample software program to show how easy it is to create and compile the Secure Logger API functions in your software program.
  • Shows how to use the Secure Browser to view protected audit/log messages.

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